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The Albert G. Hill Prize is awarded to minority juniors or seniors who have maintained high academic standards and have made continued contributions to improving the quality of life for minorities at MIT.
The Arthur C. Smith Award was established in 1996 on the occasion of Dean Smith’s retirement from the position of Dean for Undergraduate Education and Student Affairs. The award honors his service and is presented to a member of the MIT faculty for meaningful contributions and devotion to undergraduate student life and learning at MIT.
The Association of MIT Alumnae Award is presented to an outstanding senior woman who has demonstrated the highest level of academic excellence through her coursework and related professional activities at MIT.
The Betsy Schumacher Woman Athlete of the Year Award is presented annually to an undergraduate woman for excellence in athletic competition.
The Bose Award for Excellence in Teaching was established in 1990 by the School of Engineering to recognize outstanding contributions to undergraduate education by members of its faculty.
This award is presented to students and/or student groups for a campaign, initiative, or program that has addressed a campus, local community, or global need and/or have demonstrated a strong commitment to and passion for diversity education and cultural celebration. The recipient will have shown noteworthy collaboration and partnership between student organizations, living groups, dorms, teams, individual students, non-profit organizations, and/or governmental groups to raise awareness, share knowledge, provide solutions, and show commitment to social justice and a more inclusive MIT.
The D. Reid Weedon, Jr. ’41 Alumni/ae Relations Award is presented to the fraternity, sorority, or independent living group that has promoted the greatest interactions between its members and alumni.
Presented to a faculty member who has served as an excellent advisor and mentor for undergraduates and who has had a significant impact on their personal lives and academic success. The Report of the Task Force on the Undergraduate Educational Commons (October 2006) highlighted the importance of quality advising and mentoring of students and the potential impact these relationships have on student success.
The Edward L. Horton Fellowship Award is given in memory of Edward L. Horton, a doctoral candidate in Physics, to honor his spirited contributions to graduate student life at the Institute. The award will be presented to any student group that fosters fellowship within the graduate student community. This award was established by the Graduate Student Council upon the untimely death of Mr. Horton in 1982.
The Everett Moore Baker Memorial Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching is presented to faculty members, in recognition of exceptional interest and ability in the instruction of undergraduates.