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Gordon Y. Billard Award

The Gordon Y. Billard award is named in honor of Mr. Billard, a member of the Class of 1924. This individual award is made annually to a member of the Faculty or non-Faculty employee, or one not affiliated with the Institute. The criteria is for an individual (not a team) who has given “special service of outstanding merit performed for the Institute.”

Those nominated must have had an impact beyond performing their normal job duties. These efforts would be broad in scope (affects many departments or units, or people), and has been sustained contributions for many years (some nominees have made contributions in excess of 15 years). Examples of this might include serving as chair of a cross-departmental task force whose findings or actions moved MIT’s mission forward (e.g. Kendall project or Task force on Undergraduate Education. Another example might be initiating and nurturing a new student program such as MISTI, DLab, Global Education and Global alliances.)

This individual also could have been the driving force behind the creation of a revitalized graduate community or the Campaign for Students. Finally, the nominee should have created important, lasting and varied contributions to the MIT community. The recipient normally has had a significant portfolio of service to MIT.

If you have any questions about the Gordon Y Billard Award please contact us via email.

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Past Winners


  • Mark DiVincenzo, Vice President and General Counsel
  • Professor Sheila Widnall, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics


  • Chris Terman, Senior Lecturer, EECS
  • Stu Schmill '86, Dean of Admissions and Student Financial Services, OVC


  • Gayle Gallagher, Institute Affairs
  • Ian Waitz, School of Engineering


  • Alyce Johnson, Human Resources
  • Jagruti Patel ‘97, Chancellor's Office
  • Prof. John Ochsendorf, Department of Architecture/Civil and Environmental Engineering


  • John P. Dunbar, Assistant to the Provost for Space Planning
  • Adèle Naudé Santos, Professor, Department of Architecture


  • Claude Canizares
  • Dorothy Mark
  • Roger Mark


  • Professor Suzanne Berger, Department of Political Science
  • Daniel E. Hastings, Dean for Undergraduate Education


  • Professor J. Kim Vandiver, Dean for Undergraduate Research, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Gordon Y Billard, an expert in finance and investing, was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1900. He prepared at the University of Cincinnati for two years before coming to MIT, where he earned an S.B. in business administration in 1924. He subsequently pursued additional education in business, finance, and law at New York University. Mr. Billard was a partner at J.R. Williston & Company of New York and worked as a statistician, analyst, and financial consultant for many years. Shortly before his death in 1983, he established the Gordon Y Billard Fund in memory of his mother. The fund provides for the Gordon Y Billard Award and endows several professorships at the Alfred P. Sloan School of Management.