Frank E. Perkins Award for Excellence in Graduate Advising

Frank E. Perkins Award for Excellence in Graduate Advising

The Frank E. Perkins Award for Excellence in Graduate Advising is given each year to a professor from each school who has served as an excellent advisor and mentor for graduate students. The award is named in honor of Frank E. Perkins, Dean of the Graduate School from 1983-95.

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Frank E. Perkins
Frank E. Perkins, an expert on hydraulics, hydrology, dams, and other facets of water resources engineering, has had a long and varied career at MIT since coming to the Institute as an undergraduate in the 1950s. On the faculty of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering since 1965, he has also served as head of the department (1975–1980), associate provost (1980–1985), and dean of the graduate school (1983–1995). While dean, Professor Perkins started a training program for new faculty members and teaching assistants to help them develop the skills necessary for effective teaching.

Past Award Recipients


  • Professor Joel Voldman, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Professor Erik Lin-Greenberg, Political Science
  • Professor Susan S. Silbey, Anthropology
  • Professor Delia Duong Ba Wendel, Urban Studies and Planning
  • Professor Philippe Rigollet, Mathematics


  • Professor Siqi Zheng, Urban Studies and Planning
  • Professor Desiree Plata, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Professor Frank Schilbach, Department of Economics
  • Professor Roger E. Summons, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences
  • Professor Hui Chen, Sloan School of Management


  • Professor Riccardo Comin, Physics
  • Professor Graham Jones, Anthropology Program
  • Professor Zachary Smith, Chemical Engineering
  • Professor Justin Steil, Urban Studies and Planning


  • Professor Guoping Feng, Brain and Cogitive Sciences
  • Professor Robert Gibbons, Sloan
  • Professor Leslie Kolodziejski, EECS
  • Professor Ramesh Raskar, Architecture and Planning
  • Professor Michael Carbin, EECS


  • Professor Alfredo Alexander-Katz, DMSE
  • Professor Amala Mahadevan, EAPS
  • Professor Andrey Malenko, Sloan
  • Professor James Poterba, Economics
  • Professor Lorena Bello Gomez, Architecture


  • Professor Kripa K. Varanasi, MechE
  • Professor Pavel Etingof, Mathematics


  • Professor Dennis McLaughlin, CEE
  • Professor Jesse Thaler, Physics
  • Professor Lawrence Vale, DUSP
  • Professor Barry R. Posen, Political Science


  • Professor Stefan Helmreich, SHASS


  • Professor Pavel Etingof, Mathematics


  • Professor Jeffrey C. Grossman, DMSE


  • Professor Martin Polz, CEE


  • Professor David Kaiser, Director and Professor, STS and Senior Lecturer, Physics