William L. Stewart, Jr. Award

William L. Stewart, Jr. Award

The Stewart Awards are presented in memory of William L. Stewart, Jr., an alumnus and member of the Corporation who demonstrated deep interest in student life at MIT. The Stewart Awards recognize outstanding contributions by an individual student or student organization to extracurricular activities and events during the preceding year.

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William Lyman Stewart, Jr. first came to MIT as an undergraduate in 1919. He earned an S.B. in business and engineering administration in 1923. After graduation, he joined the Union Oil Company of California, to which he devoted his energies throughout his entire career. Long active in MIT affairs, he served as an alumni term member of the MIT Corporation from 1952 to 1956, and as a life member until his death. As a member of the Corporation, Mr. Stewart served on a number of standing and visiting committees including development, naval architecture, industrial management, humanities, mathematics, sponsored research, and student affairs.

Past Award Recipients


  • Ryan de Freitas Bart, G


  • Ananya Gurumurthy '23


  • Keiji Kimura G


  • Arthur Delarue G
  • Marisa Gaetz '20


  • Germán Alberto Parada Hernandez G
  • Sami Khan G


  • Kenny Chen G
  • Tori Finney '18
  • Clio Macrakis '18
  • Flora Su G
  • Tchelet Segev '18
  • MIT Visiting Students Association


  • Sahar Dar G


  • Katia Shtyrkova G
  • Eric Mannes '16
  • Kath Xu '16
  • Richard Watts ‘18


  • Hal Anil '15
  • Phoebe Whitwell '15
  • Shreya Dave G


  • Egypt Student Association
  • Anne Cai ‘14


  • Ruth Byers '13
  • Joy Ekuta '13
  • Matthew Haberland G
  • Joanna S. Kao ‘13


  • Ethan Solomon '12