Patrick J. McGovern, Jr ’59 Entrepreneurship Award

Patrick J. McGovern, Jr ’59 Entrepreneurship Award

In 2001, Patrick J. McGovern, Jr. ’59, working through the MIT Entrepreneurship Center, established the McGovern Entrepreneurship Award to be presented annually to an individual student or student team that has made a significant impact on the quality, visibility, and overall spirit of entrepreneurship education and support across the Institute. Any MIT student or student team is eligible for this Award that honors Mr. McGovern, an accomplished entrepreneur, life member of the MIT corporation, and major contributor to the Institute community.

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Patrick J. McGovern, Jr.
Patrick J. McGovern, Jr. earned an S.B. in quantitative biology from MIT in 1959. His interest in life sciences focused especially on neurophysiology and the organization and function of the human nervous system. In 1964, he founded International Data Group, which grew into the world’s leading computer publishing firm responsible for hundreds of newspapers and magazines with a truly global reach. Mr. McGovern has maintained close ties with the Institute and has been a member of the MIT Corporation since 1989. In 2001, he and his wife Lore Harp McGovern became the largest donors ever to MIT with their pledge of $350 million to create and launch the McGovern Institute for Brain Research. In all his endeavors, Mr. McGovern has encouraged innovative methods for making high-tech ventures successful.

Past Award Recipients


  • Sam Broner G
  • Janice Lam G
  • Neelesh Bagga G


  • Ben Spector G
  • Ryan Strobel G
  • Sarah Moseson G


  • David Begun G
  • Kevin Johnson G
  • Navroop Singh Sehmi G


  • Stephanie MacConnell G


  • Anthony Cheng '20 and Adam Xing Liang Zhao '19 of StartLabs Undergraduate Leadership Team


  • Ingrid Oelschlager G
  • Gregory Ekchian G


  • Jacob Loewwenstein G
  • Helen Smith G


  • Alessandra Henderson G
  • Natalie Pitcher G
  • Liz Voeller G
  • Isaac Stoner G


  • Dan Elitzer G & Jeremy Rubin '16 - MIT Bitcoin Project
  • Carlos Sánchez Altable - FinTech and Financial Innovation


  • Andrea Ippolito G


  • Elliot Cohen G, Allen Cheng G, Allison Yost G - Hacking Medicine
  • William F. Whitney ’13 - StartLabs
  • Colin Sidoti ’14 - Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Support and Outreach


  • Akshar Wunnava '14
  • Application of Advanced Entrepreneurial Techniques 15.S24: Team members: Kevin Clough ’12, William Evans ’14, Romi Kadri ’14, Alexander List ’15, Birju Shah G, Parul Singh G, Brett Van Zuiden ’12