Goodwin Medal

Goodwin Medal

The Goodwin Medal is presented to a graduate student whose performance of teaching duties is “conspicuously effective over and above ordinary excellence.” The award will be presented to a graduate student teacher who has established a place of distinction in teaching in the opinion of his or her colleagues, students, and faculty. The nominee should be a current graduate student who is primarily at MIT (if involved in a joint program with another university). Co-teachers may be nominated jointly, but the specific contributions of each individual must be detailed. This award was established in memory of Henry Manley Goodwin, the first Dean of the Graduate School of MIT.

If you have any questions about the Goodwin Medal, please contact Kevin O'Brien, Director of Graduate Fellowships.
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Harry Manley Goodwin (1870–1949) first came to MIT in 1886, earning an S.B. in 1890. Professor Goodwin served at MIT for more than 50 years. He began as an assistant in physics in 1890 and advanced to professor in 1906, teaching physics and electrochemistry. In 1906, he established and headed the first undergraduate course in the U.S. leading to a degree in electrochemistry. He also served as director of the Research Laboratory of Electrochemistry (1930–1933); secretary of MIT’s Society of Arts (1922–1940); and chairman of the faculty, (1939–1940). He was the first dean of graduate students (1926-1932), and dean of the newly established graduate school from 1932 until his retirement in 1940. He retired with the title professor emeritus and was appointed honorary dean of the graduate school.

Past Award Recipients


  • Léonard Boussioux, G


  • Georgia Van de Zande, G


  • Olivia Brode-Roger G


  • Andrew Turner G
  • Clare Kim G


  • Or Gadish G


  • Cauam Ferreira Cardoso G


    • Was not awarded


    • George Chen G
    • Ramesh Sridharan G


    • Joseph Steinmeyer G, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
    • Tony S. Tao G, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics


    • Adrian Chi-Yan Liu, Department of Physics


    • Taylor Barton, School Of Engineering