Bridge Builder Award (Individual or Group)

Bridge Builder Award (Individual or Group)

This award is presented to students and/or student groups for a campaign, initiative, or program that has addressed a campus, local community, or global need and/or have demonstrated a strong commitment to and passion for diversity education and cultural celebration. The recipient will have shown noteworthy collaboration and partnership between student organizations, living groups, dorms, teams, individual students, non-profit organizations, and/or governmental groups to raise awareness, share knowledge, provide solutions, and show commitment to social justice and a more inclusive MIT.

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Past Award Recipients


  • Austin Cole G


  • Elissa Gibson '22


  • Orisa Coombs '21


  • Meghan Davis '21


  • Crystal Chang '20
  • HST MEMP Student Diversity Ambassadors (Group)


  • CASE (Class Awareness Support and Equality) (Group)


  • Language Conversation Exchange (Group)
  • Caroline Mak ‘18


  • Bettina Arkhurst '18