Bose Award for Excellence in Teaching

Bose Award for Excellence in Teaching

The Bose Award for Excellence in Teaching was established in 1990 by the School of Engineering to recognize outstanding contributions to undergraduate education by members of its faculty.

If you have any questions about the Bose Award for Excellence in Teaching please contact the committee via email.  

Amar Bose
Amar Bose was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1929. He has had close ties with MIT since coming to the Institute as an undergraduate in the late 1940s. He earned an S.B. and an S.M. in electrical engineering in 1952 and went on to earn a Ph.D. in the same field in 1956. While teaching at MIT in the 1950s, he developed and cultivated a strong interest in sound systems, which led to nighttime research in labs such as Building 20’s anechoic chamber. In 1964, Professor Bose and five former students went into the business of developing and manufacturing quality high-fidelity equipment. The Bose Corporation in Framingham, Massachusetts, has been a leader in sound-related research and development ever since.

Past Award Recipients


  • Professor Will Tisdale, Chemical Engineering


  • Professor Michael Short, Nuclear Science and Engineering


  • Elsa Olivetti, Materials Science and Engineering


  • Erik Demaine, EECS


  • Professor Jacob White, EECS


  • Professor Srini Devadas, EECS


  • Professor Lorna Gibson, Materials Science and Engineering


  • Professor Maria Yang ’91, Mechanical Engineering


  • Professor Leslie Kaelbling, EECS


  • Jeffrey Grossman


  • Professor Steven B. Leeb '87, School of Engineering


  • Professor William Deen, Department of Chemical Engineering