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Teaching with Digital Technology Award

Teaching with Digital Technology Award

The Teaching with Digital Technology Awards are student-nominated awards for faculty & instructors who have effectively used digital technology to improve teaching and learning at MIT.  The awards recognize faculty for their teaching innovations and give the MIT community the opportunity to learn from their practices.

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Past Winners


  • John Belcher, Class of 1922 Professor of Physics
  • Jared Curhan, Associate Professor, Work and Organization Studies, S;oan
  • Amy Carleton, Lecturer, Comparative Media Studies
  • Erik Demaine, Professor, EECS


  • Simona Socrate for 2.001 (Mechanics and Materials I)
  • Michael Yaffee for 7.05 (General Biochemistry)
  • Chris Caplice for SCM.S92, SCM 260 / 15.770 (Logistics Systems) Micromaster of Supply Chain Management, various subjects


  • (Group Award) Bryan Moser, Olivier de Weck, Ed Crawley, Bruce Cameron for EM.411, EM.412, EM.413 Systems Design and Mmt (Fall 16, IAP 17, Sp' 17)
  • Michael Scott Cuthbert for 21M.220 Medieval and Renaissance Music, Sp' 17; 21M.051 Fundamentals of Music, Fall 16
  • Tracy Slatyer for 8.033, Relativity, Fall 15; 8.32, Quantum Field Theory, Sp' 17


  • Chris Terman SM’78 PhD ‘83, 6.004
  • Max Goldman ’04 PhD ’12 & Rob Miller ‘95, 6.005
  • Lorna Gibson, 3.032
  • Kurt Fendt, 21G.420
  • Peter Dourmashkin ’76 PhD’84, 8.01 & 8.02
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