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Edward L. Horton Fellowship Award

Edward L. Horton Fellowship Award

The Edward L. Horton Fellowship Award is given in memory of Edward L. Horton, a doctoral candidate in Physics, to honor his spirited contributions to graduate student life at the Institute. The award will be presented to any student group that fosters fellowship within the graduate student community. This award was established by the Graduate Student Council upon the untimely death of Mr. Horton in 1982.

To nominate, visit the Graduate Student Council website. Please direct any questions to

Past Winners


  • Daniel S. Dorsch G, Department of Mechanical Engineering


  • Jessica A. Carr, Department of Chemistry


  • Gerald J. Wang, Department of Mechanical Engineering


  • Paula Ruiz Castillo G


  • Vinita Lukose, Department of Chemistry


  • J. Nathan Matias, Department of Media Arts and Sciences


  • Ann T. Orlando and Professor Terry P. Orlando, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


  • Professor Allan Adams, Department of Physics
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