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Frederick Gardner Fassett, Jr. Award

Frederick Gardner Fassett, Jr. Award

The Frederick Gardiner Fasset, Jr. Award is presented annually to up to three individual members of the FSILG Community, one from each of the three student councils, who have most unselfishly demonstrated the qualities of spirit, dedication, and service in furthering the ideals of MIT brotherhood, sisterhood, and membership excellence.

To nominate, visit the FSILG Office website.

Past Winners


  • Evelyn Florentine '18
  • Scott McCuen '18
  • John Gordon '18


  • Taylor Rose '16
  • Sasha Crandall Fleischman '18
  • Obasi Onuohua '17


  • Daniel Wang
  • Yasmin Inam
  • Erin Main


  • Philine Huizing ‘14
  • Haldun Anil ‘15
  • Eva “Niki” Edmonds ‘15


  • Lauren Allen ‘13
  • Tommy Anderson ‘13
  • Daniel Fremont ‘13


  • Eyas Alsharaiha ’13
  • Denzil Sikka ’13
  • Tim Stumbaugh '12

Frederick Gardiner Fassett, Jr. came to MIT in 1930 as an instructor in the departments of English and History, becoming an assistant professor in 1934 and associate professor in 1938. He was appointed associate dean of students in 1952 and in 1956 was appointed the Institute’s first dean of residence. A natural friend and confidant of students since his days as a young instructor, Dean Fassett worked unremittingly throughout his years at MIT to improve the quality of student life on campus.


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