Tips for writing a nomination

MIT is full of individuals who make important contributions to our community. Each year the Awards Committee receives many worthy nominations and therefore it is important that you write a thoughtful, considered nomination letter. Below are some tips to keep in mind when submitting a nomination.
  1. Choose an award categoryWe recommend that you browse the award categories and select an award for your nominee in advance. 
  2. Write a thoughtful, considered nomination letter. Explain how your nominee has met the criteria for the award. Include specific examples that speak to why the nominee is worthy of the award. Your letter doesn’t need to be a thesis, but please do be thorough and spend some time on it. Your nominees deserve it!
  3. Prepare the text of your nomination in advance. We highly recommend that you write the body of your nomination in a word processing program ahead of time and then copy and paste it into the fields provided in the form. Or, even better, you can just upload your word doc or PDF into the form.
  4. Get Support. Supporting statements from colleagues, clients, students and other members of the community can strengthen a nomination significantly. Encourage others to support your nominee by submitting an online Letter of Support. 

A Note on Supporting Signatures: Lists of supporting signatures will not be accepted for the Compton and Stewart Awards. For these awards, supporters must submit a letter of support or have their statement of support included in the main nomination.