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Betsy Schumacker Woman Athlete of the Year Award

The Betsy Schumacher Woman Athlete of the Year Award is presented annually to an undergraduate woman for excellence in athletic competition.

If you have any questions about the Betsy Schumacker Woman Athlete of the Year Award please contact via email.

Past Winners


  • Emily Penn '18


  • Veronika Jedryka ‘17, Swimming and Diving


  • Cimran Virdi ‘16


  • Cimran Virdi ‘16


  • Cimran Virdi ‘16


  • Molly McShane, Field Hockey and Lacrosse


  • Kameron Klauber, Field Hockey


The complete lists of past winners.


Mary Elizabeth “Betsy” Schumacker, born in Devon, Pennsylvania, earned an S.B. in mathematics at MIT in 1960. During her undergraduate years, she was a competitive swimmer, receiving the Sports Illustrated “Pat-on-the-Back Award” in 1958, and holding two Middle Atlantic women’s records and one National Junior women’s record. She returned to MIT in 1966, where she taught civil engineering and urban systems for 17 years.