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Jon A. Bucsela Prize Winner Ka Yu Tam

Credit: Dennis Porche

Alice T. Schafer Prize Winner Sheela Devadas

Credit: Dennis Porche

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Jon A. Bucsela Prize in MathematicsFor distinguished scholastic achievement, professional promise, and enthusiasm for mathematics

  • Ka Yu Tam '15,
    Hong Kong

Alice T. Schafer PrizeFor excellence in mathematics by an undergraduate woman in mathematics, given by the Association for Women in Mathematics

  • Sheela Devadas '15,
    Lexington, MA

Barry Goldwater Scholarship For students intending to pursue research careers in mathematics, science and engineering

  • Felipe Hernandez '16,
    Metairie, LA

Hertz Foundation Fellowship In support of outstanding students with the freedom to innovate as part of their graduate studies

  • Jordan Cotler '15,
    Northbrook, IL
  • Cole Graham '15,
    Olympia, WA
  • Alexander Siegenfeld '15,
    Westport, CT

Churchill ScholarshipFor American students of exceptional ability and outstanding achievement to pursue graduate studies at the University of Cambridge

  • Daniel Kang '15,
    Fairfax, VA

The Charles and Holly Housman Award for Excellence in Teaching, supported by the Charles L. and Holly Housman Fund Presented to graduate student(s) in mathematics for their skill and dedication in undergraduate teaching

  • Michael Andrews G,
    Uppingham, UK
  • Daniel Harris G,
    Raleigh, NC
  • Dana Mendelson G,
    Montreal (Quebec), Canada

The Charles W. and Jennifer C. Johnson Prize, established by the support of Charles (BE '55) and Jennifer Johnson Given to graduate student(s) in mathematics for an outstanding paper accepted for publication in a major journal

  • Francesco Lin G,
    Belluno, Italy
  • Yufei Zhao G,
    Cambridge (Ontario), Canada

Graduate Woman of Excellence AwardFor leadership, research and mentoring, given biennially by the MIT Office of the Dean for Graduate Education

  • Isabel Vogt G,
    Boca Raton, FL

The Seventy-Fifth William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition The MIT Putnam Team placed first with 16 MIT participants ranking in the top 27. Of the 89 students achieving Honorable Mention or higher, MIT had 32 (36%).

  • Team: Mitchell Lee '16,
    Oakton, VA; Zipei Nie '15, Shanghai, China; and David Yang '17, Corona, CA

Five MIT Participants ranked in top 6 test-takers ("Putnam Fellows")

  • Zipei Nie '15,
    Shanghai, China
  • Mark Selke '18,
    West Lafayette, IN
  • Bobby Shen '17,
    Sugar Land, TX
  • David Yang '17,
    Corona, CA
  • Lingfu Zhang '17,
    Mianyang, Sichuan, PR China

The Hartley Rogers Jr. Family PrizeGiven to the top undergraduate-graduate team(s) in the 2014 Summer Program in Undergraduate Research

  • Team: Saarik Kalia and Ben Yang,
    G, Beijing, China

Frank E. Perkins AwardFor Excellence in Graduate Advising, given by the MIT Graduate Student Council:

  • Pavel Etingof (Full Professor)

School of Science Teaching PrizeFor Excellence in Undergraduate Education

  • Bjorn Poonen (Full Professor)

Norman Levinson Professor of Mathematics

  • Paul Seidel (Full Professor)

Norbert Wiener Professor of Mathematics

  • David Vogan (Full Professor)