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Global Studies and Languages

First place winners of the Award for Excellence in German Studies
L-R: Erika Hill ’17, Diana Dmitrichenko ’18

Credit: Kurt Fendt

Award for Excellence and Isabelle de Courtivron Prize winners
L-R: Carmela Lao ’15, Tiffany Amariuta ’15, Vivian Tran ’16, Caleb Lin ‘16

Credit: Lisa Hickler

January Scholars in France
L-R: Margaret Kane ’15, Shruti Sharma ’15, Elizabeth Glista ’17, Senior Lecturer Sabine Levet, Madeline Jenkins ’17, Tiffany Amariuta ’15, Seve Esparrago ’16, Elliot Akama-Garren ’15, Zachary Brooks ‘15

Credit: Sophie de Loubens

Award for Excellence in Global Studies and LanguagesGiven to undergraduates who achieve proficiency in languages, cultural understanding, and enthusiasm for language learning

  • Award for Excellence: Tiffany Amariuta '15,
    Hasbrouck Heights, NJ
  • Distinguished Student: Carmela Lao '15,
    Manila, Philippines

Isabelle de Courtivron PrizeFor excellent student writing on topics related to immigrant, diaspora, bicultural, bilingual, and/or mixed-race experiences

  • First Prize: Vivian Tran '16,
    San Gabriel, CA
  • First Prize: Caleb Lin '16,
    Beijing, China

German Studies Award for ExcellenceFor outstanding performance in the study of German language and culture

  • First Prize: Diana Dmitrichenko '18,
    Brooklyn, NY
  • First Prize: Erika Hill '17,
    Paxton, MA
  • Second Prize: John Gordon '18,
    Greenwich, CT
  • Second Prize: Christopher Rogers '16,
    Levittown, NY
  • Third Prize: Emily Armstrong '17,
    Penfield, NY
  • Third Prize: Kelsey Doolittle '15,
    Danville, CA
  • Third Prize: Nicholas Hoffman '18,
    Charleston, SC
  • Third Prize: Kenneth Leidal '17,
    Downingtown, PA
  • Third Prize: Dina Lévy-Lambert '17,
    New York, NY
  • Third Prize: Stephanie Pavlick '17,
    Pittsburgh, PA

January Scholars in FranceFor excellence in French studies

  • Elliot Akama-Garren '15,
    Palo Alto, CA
  • Tiffany Amariuta '15,
    Hasbrouck Heights, NJ
  • Zachary Brooks '15,
    Lilburn, GA
  • Seve Esparrago '16,
    Saint Louis, MO
  • Elizabeth Glista '17,
    Marietta, GA
  • Madeline Jenkins '17,
    Stow, MA
  • Margaret Kane '15,
    Saratoga, CA
  • Shruti Sharma '15,
    Highland Park, NJ