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John L. Asinari Award For outstanding research in the field of life sciences

  • Lakshmi Subbaraj '16,
    Fremont, CA

Gene Brown Prize For academic scholarship, and demonstrated excellence as a teaching assistant

  • Amy Fan '15,
    Sammamish, WA
  • Jennifer Halford '16,
    Salem, NH

Susan Hockfield Prize in Life Sciences For a third-year MIT undergraduate student in any area of the life sciences who has demonstrated both exceptional performance and promise for graduate study and research

  • Alice Lu '16

Ned Holt Prize For demonstrated excellence in scholarship as well as service to the MIT community

  • Elliott Akama-Garren '15,
    Palo Alto, CA

Salvador E. Luria Prize For scholarship and research of publication quality

  • Quynh Nguyen '15,
    Anaheim, CA

Merck prize For outstanding research and academic performance in biophysical or bioinformatics sciences

  • Anastassia Bobokalonova '16,
    Aventura, FL

Whitehead Prize For outstanding promise for a career in biological research through academic scholarship as well as contributions to research and the MIT community

  • Vivian Liu '15,
    Fullerton, CA

Undergraduate Symposium Speakers 2015 These students were nominated by faculty and selected to speak at the Undergraduate Symposium in January 2015

  • Max Baas-Thomas '16,
    Los Felix, CA
  • Jeff Chen '15,
    Taichung City, Taiwan
  • Sung Won (Steve) Cho '15
  • Alycia Gardner '15,
    Seattle, WA
  • Jennifer Halford '16,
    Salem, NH
  • Choa Kim '16,
    Seoul, Korea
  • Sharon Kim '16,
    Seoul, Korea
  • Julie Ko '15,
    Los Angeles, CA
  • Luke Koblan '15,
    Brookline, MA
  • Kyle Lathem '16,
    Westlake, OH
  • Preeti Singhal '15,
    San Gabriel, CA
  • Lakshmi Subbaraj '16,
    Fremont, CA
  • Meghan Torrence '15,
    Sewickley, PA
  • Adelaid Tovar '15,
    Fort Worth, TX
  • Joanne Zhou '15,
    Appleton, WI

Rhodes Scholarship

  • Elliot Akama-Garren '15,
    Palo Alto, CA