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Foreign Languages & Literatures

Award for Excellence in Foreign Languages and LiteraturesGiven to undergraduates who achieve proficiency in a foreign language, cultural understanding and enthusiasm for foreign language learning
  • Award for Excellence: Chandler Schlupf '14,
    Hopedale, MA
  • Distinguished Student:
    Brian Alejandro '14,
    Bedford, NH
  • Distinguished Student:
    Ignat Kalinov '14,
    Sofia, Bulgaria

Isabelle de Courtivron PrizeFor excellent student writing on topics related to immigrant, diaspora, bicultural, bilingual, and/or mixed—race experiences

  • First Prize: Remi Mir '17,
    Woodside, NY
  • First Prize: Daniel Stone '17,
    Lagos, Nigeria

Award for Excellence in German StudiesFor outstanding performance in the study of German language and culture
  • First Prize:
    Charles Xu '15,
    Lafayette, CO
  • First Prize:
    Fabiana Zappala '16,
    Miami, FL
  • Second Prize:
    Matthew Cavuto '17,
    Skillman, NJ
  • Second Prize:
    Christopher Rogers '16,
    Levittown, NY
  • Second Prize:
    Warut Suksompong G,
    Bangkok, Thailand
  • Third Prize:
    Marianna Agudelo '16,
    Roswell, GA
  • Third Prize:
    Christina Curlette '16,
    Stone Mountain, GA
  • Third Prize:
    Sonia Holar '17,
    Arlington, VA
  • Third Prize:
    Anne Huang '14,
    Burlingame, CA
  • Third Prize:
    Robert Jones '16,
    Chester, VA
  • Third Prize:
    Jelimo Maswan '14,
    Nairobi, Kenya
  • Third Prize:
    Mohamad Mirhi G,
    Saida, Lebanon
  • Third Prize:
    Ahhyun Stephanie Nam G,
    Seoul, South Korea
January Scholars in FranceFor excellence in French studies
  • Meera Chander '14,
    Carmel, IN
  • Paula Gonzalez '14,
    Waldwick, NJ
  • Beth Hadley '15,
    Novi, MI
  • Christian Infante '16,
    Plantation, FL
  • Kelsey Jamieson '16,
    Andover, MA
  • Patricia Mayer '14,
    Cooper City, FL
  • Neha Patki '15,
    San Jose, CA
  • Eduardo Seyffert '13,
    El Paso, TX