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Engineering Systems Division


Product Design & Development Competition First Place Team, right to left: Zack Bright, Tobias Walters, Joseph Stanford, Gaurav Khanna, Ankur Kumar
Credit: Dave Schultz

PDD Second Place Team, left to right: Olivia Gao, Victor Rojas, Ari Liberman, Jillian Wisniewski, Sabin Thomas
Credit: Dave Schultz

PDD Third Place Team, left to right: Douglas Hamilton, Alfredo Guerrero, Mariana Castro Ornelas, Jim Franklin, Ilias Hamdouch, Wei Wei
Credit: Dave Schultz

LGO Best Thesis Award 2013
  • David Linders G,
    Seattle, WA

System Design and Management Best Thesis Award

  • Stephanie Goerges G,
    Bloomington, IN 

SDM Student Award for Leadership, Innovation, and Systems Thinking

  • Wilfredo "Alex" Sanchez G,
    Ridgefield Park, NJ
  • Finalists:
    Suzanne Livingston G,
    Charlestown, MA, and Marianna Novellino G,
    San Cristobal, Venezuela
SDM ESD.40 Product Design and Development Competition

First Place: Team Urban Chariot

  • Zack Bright '15,
    Palm Beach Gardens, FL
  • Gaurav Khanna G,
    Quincy, MA
  • Ankur Kumar G,
    Bangalore, India
  • Joseph Stanford G,
    Arlington, VA
  • Tobias Walters G,
    Smallville, KS

Second Place: Team GetNeat

  • Qing (Olivia) Gao G,
    Montreal, Canada
  • Ari Liberman G,
    Monterrey, Mexico
  • Victor Rojas G,
    Mexico City, Mexico
  • Sabin Thomas G,
    Toronto, Canada
  • Jillian Wisniewski G,
    Shepherdstown, WV
Third Place: Team Comfort Zones
  • Jim Franklin G,
    Tyngsboro, MA
  • Alfredo Guerrero G,
    Mexico City, Mexico
  • Ilias Hamdouch G,
    Casablanca Morocco
  • Douglas Hamilton G,
    Boston, MA
  • Wei Wei G,
    Gui Lin, China

Technology and Policy Program (TPP) Best Thesis Award

  • Zachary Accuardi G

Charles "Harrison" Smith AwardIn memory of LGO '99 alum Charles "Harrison" Smith to honor a first year LGO who exemplifies Smith's most remembered qualities while at LGO: living life to the fullest, bringing the class together, and making happy and lasting memories of the LGO experience for the entire cohort

  • Scott Bromley G
  • Alex Whigham G