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Aeronautics and Astronautics

Lockheed Martin Prize for Excellence in Systems Engineering Teamwork
  • Design/Build/Fly team:
  • Ivan Amador '14
  • Rebecca B. Colby '13
  • Casey L. Denham '15
  • Elizabeth A. Jones '14
  • Gregory D. Kravit '15
  • Giulia B. Pantalone '13
  • Samuel L. Range '13
  • Daniel J. Rankin '13
  • Margaret J. Reagan '16
  • Joseph M. Salinas '13
  • Jedediah Storey '13
  • Arshia S. Surti '15
  • Tony Tao G
  • Joseph Marcel R. Williams '14

Apollo Program Prize-Given to an AeroAstro student who conducts the best undergraduate research project on the topic of humans in space

  • Edward W. Obropta '13

Leaders for Manufacturing Undergraduate Prize-Given to a student team that has demonstrated excellence and/or innovation in addressing the interaction between manufacturing and engineering during the execution of their project

  • Andras L. Kiss '13
  • Jay R. Pothula '14

United Technologies Corp. Prize-Awarded to an AeroAstro student for outstanding achievement in the design, construction, execution, and reporting of an undergraduate experimental project

  • James E. Byron '13
  • Peter Florin '13

Admiral Luis De Florez Prize-Awarded for "original thinking or ingenuity"

  • Samuel L. Range '13
James Means Award for Excellence in Flight Vehicle Engineering
  • Elizabeth A. Jones '14

James Means Award for Excellence in Space Systems Engineering

  • Brian G. Coffee '13
  • Leonard I. Tampkins '13

Thomas B. Sheridan Award-Given to an AeroAstro or Mechanical Engineering undergraduate student whose research or design project best exemplifies creativity or improvement in human-machine integration or cooperation

  • Elizabeth D'Arienzo '13
  • James N. Wiken '13

Rene H. Miller Prize in Systems Engineering-Given to a student who has done the best piece of work in systems engineering in the AeroAstro department

  • Alexander James Buck G
  • Austin Kyle Nicholas G

Henry Webb Salisbury Award-Given in memory of Henry Salisbury to a graduating senior who has achieved superior academic performance in the Course XVI Undergraduate Program Andras L. Kiss '13

  • Harriet Li '13

AeroAstro Graduate Teaching Assistantship Award-Given to a graduate student who has demonstrated conspicuous dedication and skill in helping fulfill an undergraduate or graduate subject's educational objectives

  • Farah Alibay G
  • Tony Tao G

AeroAstro Undergraduate Teaching Assistantship Award-Given to an undergraduate student who has demonstrated conspicuous dedication and skill in helping fulfill an undergraduate subject's educational objectives

  • Brian G. Coffee '13
  • James N. Wiken '13
AIAA Teaching Award-Given by the AIAA Student Chapter to a faculty or staff member who has exemplified the role of a "great teacher
  • Prof. David L. Darmofal,
    Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics

AIAA Advising Award-Given by the AIAA Student Chapter to a faculty or staff who has demonstrated excellence in serving as an academic or 16.621/16.622 advisor and has made a real positive impact on a student's time in the AeroAstro Department

  • Sheila E. Widnall,
    Institute Professor and Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics

AIAA Teaching Assistantship Award

  • Sarah K. Ferguson G

Vickie Kerrebrock Award-Recognizes significant contributions to building a sense of community in the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

  • Manuel Martinez-Sanchez,
    Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Wings Award-Recognizes excellence in an individual support staff member in AeroAstro

  • Sophia Hasenfus,
    Administrative Assistant

Spirit of XVI-Given to a person or group whose work, commitment and enthusiasm contribute significantly to the achievement of the mission of the department

  • Individual: Jennifer Craig,
  • Team: Fiscal Officers Jori Barabino,
    Suxin Hu, Ping Lee, and Jennifer Leith