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Division of Student Life

Infinite Mile Awards

Bringing Out the Best Award

  • Sarah Bouchard,
    Community Engagement Administrator, Priscilla King Gray Public Service Center

Bringing Out the Best Award

  • Meg Chuhran,
    Lead Advocate, Violence Prevention and Response

Here for Students Award

  • Kristen Covino,
    Associate Head of House, Residential Life Programs

Building Community: Inclusion and Diversity

  • Julio Oyola,
    Assistant Director of LBGT Services, Student Activities Office

Meeting the Need Award

  • Meredith Sibley,
    Assistant Manager, Technical and Evening Operations, Campus Activities Complex

Building Community Award: Outreach and Collaboration

  • Patricia Weinmann,
    Assistant Director, Tech & Culture Seminar, Religious Life

Outstanding Contributor Award

  • Nightwatch Team:
    • Adelino Borges
    • Gerald Che
    • Alexandre Costa
    • Nuno DaSilva
    • Michael DelPrete
    • Kim Thu Duong
    • Daniel Enti-Williams
    • James Hinds
    • Nicholas Lazaros
    • Rocco Leone
    • Katarzyna Matuszewska
    • Keshia Monvil
    • Don Perault
    • Kevin Pulli
    • Margaret Quinn
    • Robert Santiago
    • Robert Simonelli
    • Marlene Soler
    • Alvaro Souza
    • Tricia Stephenson (Dormitory Patrol,