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John L. Asinari Award
For outstanding research in the field of life sciences.

  • Chiara Waingarten '18,
    Aventura, FL
  • Rhogerry Deshycka '17,
    Padang, Indonesia

Gene Brown Prize
For academic scholarship, and demonstrated excellence as a teaching assistant.

  • Ellena Popova '17,
    Bethesda, MD
  • Angela Koh '17,
    Seoul, South Korea

Susan Hockfield Prize in Life Sciences
For a third-year MIT undergraduate student in any area of the life sciences who has demonstrated both exceptional performance and promise for graduate study and research.

  • Alissandra Hillis '18,
    Stoneham, MA

Ned Holt Prize
For demonstrated excellence in scholarship as well as service to the MIT community.

  • Celeste Dang '18,
    Quincy, MA
  • Elizabeth Li '18,
    Nashville, TN

Salvador E. Luria Prize
For scholarship and research of publication quality.

  • Ching Pin Cheng '17,
    Taipei, Taiwan

Merck prize
For outstanding research and academic performance in biophysical or bioinformatics sciences.

  • Bryce Hwang '18,
    Pleasanton, CA
  • Madeleine Duran '17,
    Glen Rock, NJ

Whitehead Prize
For outstanding promise for a career in biological research through academic scholarship as well as contributions to research and the MIT community.

  • Rachel Terry '17,
    Lindenhurst, IL

Undergraduate Symposium Speakers 2016
These students were nominated by faculty and selected to speak at the Undergraduate Symposium in January 2016.

  • Mary Clare Beytagh '18,
    Dallas, TX
  • Meenakshi Chakraborty '19,
    Lexington, MA
  • Rhogerry Deshycka '17,
    Padang, Indonesia
  • Camilo Espinosa '18,
    Barranquilla, Colombia
  • Jonathatn Guzman '17,
    Queen Creek, AZ
  • Alissandra Hillis '18,
    Stoneham, MA
  • Daphne Superville '17,
    Woodmere, NY
  • Surya Tripathi '18,
    Pokhara, Nepal
  • Chittampalli Yashaswini '17,
    Bronx, NY

Goldwater Scholarship

  • Bryce Hwang '18,
    Pleasanton, CA

Biology students nominated for Phi Beta Kappa 2017

  • Orlando Arevalo '17,
    Silver Spring, MD
  • Shivangi Goel '17,
    Paramus, NJ
  • Jason Hyun '17,
    Rockville, MD
  • Jinseong Kim '17,
    Brooklyn, NY
  • Ellena Popova '17,
    Bethesda, MD
  • Dalia Walzer '17,
    Tenafly, NJ