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Arts: Music and Theater

The Endicott World Music Award—In recognition of distinguished service and musical contribution to world music.

  • Pedro Polanco

Gregory Tucker Memorial Prizes—In recognition of exceptional ability in composition, performance, or music-historical studies and overall contributions to the Music and Theater Arts Section.

  • Dominique Hoskin
  • Hane Lee
  • Natasha Skowronski
  • Bertrand Stone

Everett Longstreth Jazz Awards—In recognition of distinguished service and musical contribution to the MIT Festival Jazz Ensemble.

  • Richard Oates
  • Garrett Parrish
  • Larry Wang

Richard and Jody Nordlof Awards—In recognition of distinguished service for musical contribution to the MIT Wind Ensemble.

  • Joseph Sandt
  • Thalia Estrella

David Epstein Award—In recognition of distinguished service and musical contribution to the MIT Symphony Orchestra.

  • Sarah Abraham
  • Kevin Sackel

Philip Loew Memorial Awards—In recognition of creative accomplishment in music.

  • Wendy Georgan
  • Matthew Iovino
  • Valerie Sarge
  • Lisa Zahray

John Oliver Choral Award—In recognition of an individual who brought great music performance to the Institute through dedicated, passionate, and high-level artisitic participation in the MIT choral ensembles.

  • Jan-Christian Huetter

Jack and Edith Ruina Scholarship Award—In recognition of special gifts in piano.

  • Hane Lee

Edward S. Darna Award—Awarded to a graduating student who has demonstrated excellence in theater arts and made a substantial contribution to the health of theater life at MIT.

  • Wei Low
  • Marisa Wang

Joseph D. Everingham Award—Given in recognition of a single creative accomplishment in theater arts by a graduating student.

  • Neerja Aggarwal
  • Sabrine Ahmed Iqbal
  • Garrett Schulte

Louis B. Sudler Prize in the Arts—Given to a graduating senior who has demonstrated excellence or the highest standards of proficiency in music, theater, painting, sculpture, design, architecture, or film.

  • Garrett Parrish

Laya and Jerome B. Wiesner Student Art Award—Presented annually to students, either undergraduate or graduate, living groups, organizations, or activities for outstanding achievement in and contributions to the arts at MIT.

  • Jacob Gunter
  • Nathan Gutierrez
  • Hallie Voulgaris

Ragnar and Margaret Naess Awards—In recognition of exceptional talent and commitment to performance at MIT.

  • Shankar Balasubramanian
  • Elisabeth Boles
  • Kelsey Chan
  • Talia Khan
  • Lisa Kong
  • Amalia Lee
  • Jueun Lee
  • Inioluwa Oguntola
  • Alan Osmundson
  • Giselle Peng
  • Tal Scully
  • Venkatesh Sivaraman
  • Cassia Wang
  • Larry Wang

Alan Brody Prize in Theater Arts—Named in honor of playwright and former MIT Professor of Theater Arts and Associate Provost for the Arts Alan Brody. This annual prize celebrates the accomplishments of a graduating senior who has demonstrated artistic excellence in the theater with an emphasis on playwriting.

  • Noelle Colant

The Lowell Lindgren Prize for Musical Scholarship—Named in honor of musicologist and former MIT Professor of Music, Lowell Lindgren. For excellence in musical research and innovation in historical, cultural, theoretical, or technological studies. The award may be given for distinguished achievements in or out of the classroom, either in recognition of a single research project or for cumulative work that advances musical knowledge.

  • Katherine Young

Woodwind Warrior Award—In recognition of gallant perseverance in musical performance, scholarship, and citizenship.

  • Kyle Swanson