Laya and Jerome B. Wiesner Student Art Awards

Laya and Jerome B. Wiesner Student Art Awards

The Laya and Jerome B. Wiesner Student Art Awards are presented annually to up to four students (undergraduate or graduate), living groups, organizations or activities for outstanding achievement in and contributions to the arts at MIT. Established by the Council for the Arts at MIT in 1979, these awards honor Jerome B. Wiesner, MIT President 1971-1980, and his wife Laya Wiesner for their commitment to the arts at MIT. An endowment fund provides a $2,000 award to each recipient. Learn more about the Laya & Jerome Wiesner Student Art Awards on the Arts at MIT website.

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Jerome B. Wiesner was President of MIT from 1971 to 1980. Wiesner’s career at MIT started in 1942 at the WWII Radiation Laboratory, where he worked on the development of radar. He served as professor of electrical engineering, director of the Research Laboratory of Electronics, dean of the School of Science, and provost. He became an institute professor in 1962. While on leave from MIT from 1961–1964, he served as special assistant for science and technology to U.S. Presidents Kennedy and Johnson. In his educational and leadership roles at MIT, Wiesner actively promoted and enriched the Institute’s programs in social science, humanities, and the arts, and the Council for the Arts was organized during his presidency. President Wiesner was a life member of the MIT Corporation from 1980 until his death in 1994.

Past Award Recipients


  • Amalia Lee '19
  • Pip Mothersill G
  • Garrett Souza '19
  • Gary Zhang G


  • Laura Genes G
  • Adam Haar Horowitz G
  • Julia Rue '18
  • Tal Scully '18


  • Jake Gunter '17
  • Nathan Gutierrez '17
  • Rachel Osmunsen '17
  • Hallie Voulgaris '17


  • Angel Chia Ling Chen G
  • Sam Fomon '16
  • Samantha Harper '16


  • Anne Meredith Macmillan G
  • Otto Briner '15
  • Majdolen Khweis '15
  • Michael Stern G


  • Elly Jessop G
  • Adam Strandberg '14
  • Floor van de Velde G
  • Grace Young '14


  • Noah Arbesfeld '13
  • Jean Sack '13
  • Festival Jazz Ensemble
  • Senior House


  • Leah Brunetto '12
  • Farré Nixon '12
  • Dylan Sherry '12