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Engineering Systems Division

Rafael Marañón, MIT System Design and Management Student Award for Leadership, Innovation, and Systems Thinking

Andrei Akaikine, System Design and Management Best Thesis Award

100K Executive Summary ContestFirst place in the Web/IT track

  • Edgar Blanco, Center for Transportation & Logistics Research Director and Executive Director, MIT SCALE Latin America (along with team members Leo Bonanni and Ignacio Castro)

System Design and Management Best Thesis Award

  • Andrei Akaikine G, Abakan, Russia, “The Impact of Software Architecture on Product Maintenance Efforts and Measurement of Economic Benefits of Product Redesign”

Technology and Policy Best Thesis Award

  • James Morrison G, "Game Theory Analysis of Aircraft Manufacturer Innovation Strategies in the Face of Increasing Airline Fuel Costs"
  • Pernilla Regardh G, "Safe, Secure and Ethical: Assessing and Regulating Risks Associated with Synthetic Biology"



MIT System Design and Management Student Award for Leadership, Innovation, and Systems Thinking

  • Rafael Marañón G, Cartaya, Spain

MIT Larry G. Benedict AwardThis award honors students who have shown dedication to empowering their fellow students to develop as leaders; recipients are active mentors and coaches to their peers within the MIT community

  • Vivek Sakhrani G
  • John Thomas G, North Brookfield, MA

Martin Family Society of Fellows for SustainabilityRecognizes graduate level research, education, and collaboration in sustainability

  • Pearl Donohoo
  • David Keith
  • Vivek Sakhrani
  • Nidhi Santen



Levitan Award for Excellence in TeachingRecognizes SHASS teachers who have made a profound difference in the educational experience of MIT undergraduates

  • Kenneth Oye, Associate Professor of Political Science and Engineering Systems

Hugh Hampton Young Memorial Fund Fellowship 2011-2012Fosters the development of outstanding individuals with great breadth of vision and interests, and the capacity for technical leadership as exemplified by Hugh Hampton Young

  • Sahar Hashmi G

Charles "Harrison" Smith AwardIn memory of LGO '99 alum Charles "Harrison" Smith to honor a first year LGO who exemplifies Smith's most remembered qualities while at LGO: living life to the fullest, bringing the class together, and making happy and lasting memories of the LGO experience for the entire cohort

  • Jason Chen G
  • Limor Zehavi G