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John L. Asinari Award—For outstanding research in the field of life sciences

  • Christine Hazlett, ’11, Whitman, MA
  • Tracy Kambara ’11, Culver City, CA

Gene Brown Prize—For outstanding academic scholarship and demonstrated excellence as a teaching assistant in 7.02

  • Ambar Mehta ’12, Coral Springs, FL
  • Abigail Van Hook ’12, Framingham, MA

Susan Hockfield Prize in Life Sciences—For a third-year MIT undergraduate student in any area of the life sciences who has demonstrated both exceptional performance and promise for graduate study and research

  • Ryan Alexander ’12, Birmingham, AL

Ned Holt Prize—For demonstrated excellence in scholarship as well as service to the MIT community

  • Naomi Jiang ’11, Northborough, MA
  • Sarah Whiteside ’11, Charleston, WV

Salvador E. Luria Prize—For scholarship and research of publication quality

  • Michelle Dang ’11, Brockton, MA

Merck prize—For outstanding research and academic performance in biophysical or bioinformatics sciences

  • Amelia Chang ’11, Singapore

Whitehead Prize—For outstanding promise for a career in biological research through academic scholarship as well as contributions to research and the MIT community

  • Jenna Caldwell ’11, Indian Springs, AL

Undergraduate Symposium Speakers 2011—These students were nominated by faculty and selected to speak at the Undergraduate Symposium in January 2011

    • Michelle Dang ’11, Brockton, MA
    • Helen D’Couto ’12, Houston, TX
    • Yun-Han Huang ’11, Rolla, MO
    • Tracy Kambara ’11, Culver City, CA
    • Kamena Kostova ’12, Shipka, Bulgaria
    • Oana Ursu ’13, Bucharest, Romania
    • Andrew VanBenschoten ’11, Minnetonka, MN
    • Diana Wang ’12, LaGrangeville, NY
    • Sarah Whiteside ’11, Charleston, WV