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Foreign Languages & Literatures

Left to Right: Jeremiah Edwards ‘10, Luwen Huang ‘11, Christopher Bukowski ‘10
Photo by Andrea Wirth

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Award for Excellence in Foreign Languages and Literatures —Given to undergraduates who achieve proficiency in a foreign language, cultural understanding and enthusiasm for foreign language learning
  • Award for Excellence: Luwen Huang ‘11,
    Santa Fe, NM
  • Distinguished Student: Christopher Bukowski ‘10, Chapel Hill, NC
  • Distinguished Student: Jeremiah Edwards ‘10, Albuquerque, NM

January Scholars in France—For excellence in French studies

  • Ashley Brown ‘12,
    West Chester, PA
  • Efraín Cermeño ‘12,
    San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Amanda Fried ‘11,
    Brooklyn, NY
  • Vasudha Gupta ‘11,
    Forest Hills, NY
  • Samiksha Nayak ‘10,
    Manlius, NY
  • Mónica Oliver ‘12,
    Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
  • Beneah Kombe Wekesa ‘12, Kamukuywa, Kenya
Lufthansa Prize—For excellence in German studies
  • First Prize: Amy Fritz ‘12, Eagan, MN
  • First Prize: Nigel Reuel G,
    Rio Rancho, NM
  • Second Prize: Lillian Wang ‘13, Atlanta, GA
  • Second Prize: Bret Smart G, Fort Myers, FL
  • Third Prize: Isaac Asher ‘10, Rochester, NY
  • Third Prize: Lana Awad ‘11, Damascus, Syria
  • Third Prize: Nathan Brei ‘11, Williamsburg, VA
  • Third Prize: Evelyn García Gómez ‘10,
    Sylmar, CA
  • Third Prize: Wesley Graybill ‘10,
    Tucson, AZ
  • Third Prize: Lars Imsdahl ‘10, Schonwalde, Germany
  • Third Prize: Kamena Kostova ‘12,
    Shipka, Bulgaria
  • Third Prize: Xin Qi Cynthia Li ‘12,
    New York, NY
  • Third Prize: Julie Moyer,‘12, Drums, PA
  • Third Prize: Sophie Poizeau G, Antony, France
  • Third Prize: Raul Ramos-Schulze ‘10,
    Eden Prairie, MN
  • Third Prize: Charmaine Sia ‘10, Singapore