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Brad and Dorothea Endicott Award —In recognition of distinguished service and musical contribution to world music
  • Abraham Rosenfeld ‘10, Newton, MA

Gregory Tucker Memorial Prizes —In recognition of exceptional ability in performance and overall contribution to the Music and Theater Arts Section

  • Jared Sadoian ’10,
    Dinuha, CA
  • Adrianna Tam ’11,
    Arlington, TX

Everett Longstreth Jazz Awards —In recognition of distinguished service and musical contribution to the MIT Festival Jazz Ensemble

  • Jenna McKown ’10,
    Boerne, TX,
  • Matthew Rosario ’10, Erdenheim, PA

Richard and Jody Nordlof Awards— In recognition of distinguished service and musical contribution to the MIT Wind Ensemble

  • Greg Durrett ’10,
    Ithaca, NY
  • Marta Milan ’10,
    Big Rapids, MI

Epstein Award—In recognition of distinguished service and musical contribution to the MIT Symphony Orchestra

  • Simone Ovsey ’10,
    Northridge, CA

Philip Loew Memorial Awards—In recognition of creative accomplishment in music

  • Lisa Danz ’10,
    Los Altos, CA
  • Kristiana Schneck ’10,
    Fergus Fall, MN
  • Jennifer Lai ’11,
    Honolulu, HI

Philip Loew Memorial Award—In recognition of accomplishment in composition

  • Khek-Khiang (Gary) Chia G, Sabah, Malaysia

J. & E. Ruina Scholarship Award Certificate —In recognition of special gifts in piano

  • Andrew Wang ’11,
    Sugarland, TX

Ragnar and Margaret Naess Certificates of Distinction —In recognition of exceptional talent and commitment to performance at MIT

  • Exceptional Jazz Artist: Christopher Hainley G
  • Exceptional Jazz Artist: Christopher Kottke G
  • Exceptional Jazz Artist:
    Devon Rosner ‘13
  • Exceptional Jazz Artist:
    Dylan Sherry ‘12
  • Exceptional Pianist:
    Yimin Chen ‘13
  • Exceptional Pianist:
    Eun-Suk Lee G
  • Exceptional Pianist:
    Nathan Haouzi ‘10
  • Exceptional String Player: Latifah Hamzah ‘12
  • Exceptional String Player:
    Sae Kyoung Jang ‘13
  • Exceptional String Player: Sherman Jia G
  • Exceptional String Player: Laurel Pardue G
  • Exceptional String Player:
    Ari Umans ‘13
  • Exceptional String Player: Angela Yen ‘10
  • Exceptional Vocal Student: Yelena Bagdasarova ‘10
  • Exceptional Vocal Student: Paulina Sliwa G
  • Exceptional Vocal Student: Lauren Shields ’10
  • Exceptional Wind Player:
    Nora Hickey ‘11
  • Exceptional Wind Player:
    Emily Jackson ‘12

Concerto Competition

  • Latifah Hamzah ‘12, violin
  • Benjamin Steinhorn ‘12, bassoon
MIT Chamber Music Society Special Award Certificates —In recognition of an exceptional performance and commitment to chamber music for the Harbison Second Piano Trio
  • Bogdan Fedeles,
    Postdoctoral Associate
  • Cai GoGwilt ‘10
  • Ari Le G

Edward S. Darna Award —Presented to a graduating student who has demonstrated excellence in theater arts and made a substantial contribution to the health of theater life on the MIT campus

  • Sara Gumlak ’11,
    Marion MA
  • William Pickeral ’11,
    Tucson, AZ


  • Lindy Blackburn G, piano
  • Cai GoGwilt ’10, cello
  • Nicholas Joliat ’10, piano
  • Jennifer Lai ’11, piano
  • Khoa Lu Nguyen G, piano
  • Simone Ovsey ’10, percussion
  • Sarah Rumbley ’11, piano


  • Zachary Addison, violin
  • Arun Anirudh, piano
  • Yelena Bagdasarova, soprano
  • Khristian Bauer-Rowe, piano
  • Leslie Chan, piano
  • Queenie Chan, violin
  • Stephan Chang, viola
  • Yimin Chen, piano
  • Alvin Cheung, piano
  • Bina Choi, cello
  • Hattie Chung, piano
  • Sophie Chung, violin
  • Erik Feng, clarinet
  • Tanya Goldhaber, violin
  • Christopher Hainley, jazz set
  • Latifah Hamzah, violin
  • Hee-Sun Han, piano
  • Nathan Haouzi, piano
  • Christian Henn, piano
  • Nora Hickey, bassoon
  • Diana Hsieh, piano
  • Emily Jackson, flute
  • Sae Kyoung Jang, cello
  • Xiaoming Sherman Jia, violin
  • Ari Le G, violin/viola
  • Eun-Suk Lee, piano
  • Kyumin Lee, violin
  • Jessica Lin, violin
  • Qinxuan Pan, piano
  • Laurel Pardue, violin
  • Devon Rosner, guitar
  • Stephen Serene, cello
  • Dylan Sherry, saxophone
  • Lauren Shields, soprano
  • Paulina Sliwa, mezzo-soprano
  • David Somach, violin
  • Emily Su, flute
  • Minhee Sung, cello
  • Adrianna Tam, mezzo-Soprano
  • Ari Umans, violin
  • Andrew Wang, piano
  • Qiong Wang, clarinet
  • Jack Weinstein, clarinet
  • Chung-an Wu, flute
  • Stephanie Wu, piano
  • Xiao Xiao, piano
  • Angel Yang, piano
  • Angela Yen, violin
  • Chris Kottke, trumpet
  • Julia Zimmerman, viola

Literature Prize —Awarded for Excellence in Literature

  • SeoHyung Kim G,
    Cheong-ju, South Korea
  • Anneke Schwob G,
    West Roxbury, MA


  • 1st prize: Long Lam '10,
  • 2nd prize: Anna Waldman-Brown '11

Boit Manuscript Prize—Essay

  • 1st prize: Abdul Munir '10
  • Honorable Mention: Mark Reed '10
Boit Manuscript Prize—Fiction
  • 1st prize: Gillian Conahan '10

Boit Manuscript Prize—Poetry

  • 1st prize: Renee Reder '10

Ellen King Prize for Freshman Writing

  • 1st prize: Sahar Hakim-Hashem '13
  • 2nd prize: Curtis Clemens '13
  • Honorable Mention: Katherine Luo '13

Enterprise Poets Prize in Imagining a Future

  • 1st prize: Anna Waldman-Brown '11
  • 2nd prize: Anthony Farrell '13

The Robert A. Boit Writing Prize—Essay

  • 1st prize: Abdul Munir '10
  • 2nd prize: Seohyung Kim '10
  • 3rd prize: Joan Chen '12
  • 3rd prize: Emma Rosen '11
  • Honorable Mention: Shannon Moran '12

The Robert A. Boit Writing Prize—Poetry

  • 1st prize Alexandra Corella '10
  • 1st prize: Seohyung Kim '10
  • 2nd prize: Catherine Huang '10
  • 3rd prize: Kathleen Geyer '12
  • 3rd prize: Eli Williams '11

The Robert A. Boit Writing Prize—Short Story

  • 1st prize: Seohyung Kim '10
  • 2nd prize: Catherine Huang '10
  • 3rd prize: Abdul Munir '10

S. Klein Prize for Scientific Writing

  • 1st prize: Amanda Rose Martinez G
  • 2nd prize: Joshua Feblowitz G
  • 2nd prize: Fangfei Shen '11

S. Klein Prize for Technical Writing

  • 1st prize: Amelia Chang '12
  • 1st prize: Harrison F. O’Hanley '11
  • 2nd prize: Jihye Kim '10

DeWitt Wallace Prize for Science Writing for the Public

  • 1st prize: Diana LaScala-Gruenewald '11
  • Honorable Mention: Sebastian Armiyaw Nasamu '13

Vera List for Writing on the Visual Arts—Sponsored by the List Visual Arts Center

  • 1st prize: Emma Rosen '11
  • 2nd prize: Samuel Kronick '10

WHS Prize for Engineering Writing

  • 1st prize: Tiffany K. Cheng '12
  • 2nd prize: Connie Chan '12



Louis Sudler Prize in the Arts —presented annually to a graduating senior who has demonstrated excellence or the highest standards of proficiency in music, theater, painting, sculpture, design, architecture or film.

  • Daniel A. Perez '10, Theater Arts

LAYA AND JEROME B. WIESNER STUDENT ART AWARDS — presented annually to two students (undergraduate or graduate), living groups, organizations or activities for outstanding achievement in and contributions to the arts at MIT.

  • David S. Greenberg '11, Visual Arts Program
  • Sriniwasan Balaji Mani '10, Music
  • Jess Wheelock G, Visual Arts Program

Harold and Arlene Schnitzer Prize in the Visual Arts —Presented annually by MIT Office of the Arts to three MIT students who demonstrate excellence in creating a body of work in the visual arts.

  • First Prize: Richard The G
  • Second Prize: Jaekyung Jung G
  • Third Prize: Sam Kronick '10